PCL Imports-C-44

Terms & Conditions:

The use of our shipping and customs brokerage services are subject to our terms & conditions.



2018 Letter of Authorization (LOA)

C44 Form


Invoice Advisory-2020


What’s your payment policy?

Our preferred form of payment is via direct deposit/bank to bank transfer to our First Caribbean account however we do accept checks, credit cards, PayPal and cash in limited amounts. First Caribbean Bank customers with access to online banking can pay us online just like they would pay a cable bill as we are a listed vendor with the bank.

Do you ship overseas (export)?

Yes, we are one of the few shipping companies that actually exports on a regular basis. We can handle the packing, export customs clearance and clearance and delivery in the receiving country as well.

What is dimensional weight?

Shipping carriers charge for freight based on either the volumetric or dimensional weight, whichever is greater. This is because a box can take up more space that its weight will allow charges for.

To calculate the dim weight of a package to be shipped via air freight use the formula below:

Air Freight L x W x H (in inches)/166

To calculate the dim weight of a package to be shipped via ocean freight use the formula below:

Ocean Freight L x W x H (in inches)/1728. The result in cubic feet is the dimensional weight.

I've just signed up..what do I do now?

If you have completed the registration form you are ready to start shipping to the US address. Remember to email us your invoices. Invoices should be sent to invoices@pclimports.com